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Struggling with shyness? 

Avoiding people, places, or things that seem benign?

Putting him/herself down a lot?

Falling behind in school or are you concerned (s)he may not graduate?

Having trouble falling asleep or waking up in the middle of the night?

Worrying a lot?

No longer enjoying what (s)he used to?

Being Bullied?

​Complaining of stomachaches or headaches
with no medical cause?

Developed a fear of something such as enclosed spaces, school, elevators, dogs, leaving the house, driving, balloons, bugs, open spaces, losing control, etc.?

Experienced a big life change such as a move, a death of a family member or friend, or divorce?

Experienced something scary or life-threatening such as a natural disaster, abuse, bullying, or witness to violence?​​​

Is your child or teen...
Has Your Child or Teen..
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Parents' role in therapy
Parents are instrumental in the success of therapy.  I invite parents to be involved in the therapy process as much as possible.  The type of involvement varies on a case by case basis, but here are a few common examples of parents' roles in therapy:

  •  Help your child practice newly learned skills at home.  
  • Help your child do his/her therapy homework.  
  • Try a new technique with your child to manage a behavior. 
  • Be open to suggestions and feedback about interventions.
  • Work with me to develop a behavior plan that is right for your child's needs.
What to look for