Sharon Fischer, LICSW
                  Personalized counseling for kids & adolescents
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Therapy Services for Individuals ages 18-30 

Are you having trouble adjusting to college or graduate school life?

Is it hard to turn off your thoughts before bedtime?

Are you experiencing stomachaches or headaches with no medical cause?

Are you sick of always worrying?

Are you struggling with shyness?

Do you need help overcoming a fear or phobia?

Are you experiencing panic attacks?

Are you paralyzed with fear at the idea of giving a presentation?

Are you struggling to juggle work, school, and home life?

Are you having trouble concentrating?

Have you lost interest in what you used to enjoy?

Are the memories of the past getting in the way of your everyday functioning or success?

Have you witnessed something scary or violent?  

Have you been through a difficult life event and having trouble moving on?

Are you struggling to make a major life decision?
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